President's Welcome:

On behalf of one of the nation’s strongest Greek communities, I welcome you to Emory University’s Interfraternity Council. Being a part of this community has been, without a doubt, the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life and one that I encourage any and all interested students to try.

When I arrived at Emory, I had no idea what “Greek Life” meant. Three years later, I write this to you as president of this university’s North-American Interfraternity Conference fraternities, the result of a process that was set in motion by a simple decision to rush and learn more about the system.

After rushing and joining a fraternity, Emory became my community; I realized Greeks were everywhere, involved in everything, and such a large and meaningful part of this school. I instantly knew or recognized a Greek in all my classes; I ran into Greeks on the quad every morning; I had someone to go to the DUC with every time I got hungry. I felt at home, not just because of the new friends I had made but also due to the strength of the relationships and the traditions we were becoming a part of and helping to define.

I quickly learned that being Greek at Emory means so much more than anything I could ever have been prepared for. Th e fellowship among Greeks at Emory transcends any one person, friendship, or even fraternity. It is a universal connection that timelessly strengthens the incredible tradition that is Greek Life at Emory. I had become a part of a brotherhood that would come to teach me so much—a brotherhood I have helped keep vibrant and meaningful for the next generation of Emory students.

Greek Life is the epitome of this family, being itself a powerful community thriving within the Emory family. I feel exceptionally privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of and give back to this family and I am excited to see what my last year and a half at this incredible place has in store for me. The Greek community truly has so much in store for anyone willing to fi nd it, so come out and rush.


Brian Diener, 15c President, Interfraternity Council

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